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Providing personal computer training and support in Hull and the surrounding area.


Standard charge for tuition / support at home or at work: £18 per hour.

Standard charge for 3 hour's tuition / support at home or at work: £45.

Standard charge for a full day's tuition / support at home or at work: £100.

Online Support Charges

Standard charge for tuition / support online: £16 per 1/2 hour (or part thereof).

Support and Subsidies

Colleges and education centres have access to funding to subsidise learners but I am unable, at present, to do likewise. That funding however usually requires a great deal of paperwork, such as recording and proving learner achievement, which detracts from the whole experience (I know as I have worked for a number of organisations providing training and tuition).

Additionally, the courses offered by these establishments do not always offer what the learner really wants or needs (due to the restrictions from the funding bodies) and are often at inconvenient times.

If you feel that you can offer funding, or other assistance, which will enable me to help learners of limited means please contact me or donate via the link to the right.


I believe my charges are reasonable.
I don't like being charged 'silly' numbers for services provided so I don't charge 'silly' numbers for my services.

Why the different rates for online support?
There is an additional cost incurred, on top of my modest charges, for using the technologies provided which enable me to give online support.

Even though I keep my prices as low as possible not everyone has the means to afford such support.
By raising funds I can support those who would not otherwise be able to afford the help required.

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